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superior phenotype and maternal traits

Biermann Ranch Cattle Company

Registered Hereford Cattle

Cattle For Sale

Texas Premier Ranch Realty- Licensed Agent Zachary Biermann

If your in the market to buy or looking to sell your ranch please let us know. We are a family run ranch and Zachary Biermann is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas who specialized in Ranch Sales in the Texas Hill Country. He works for Texas Premier Ranch Realty and would love the opportunity to discuss any and all of your needs whether your wanting to list your ranch for sale or purchase a ranch. He is a rancher himself and owner of Biermann Ranch Cattle Company and Biermann Ranch so he knows your ranching needs from top to bottom and the best location and properties to achieve whatever it is your looking for. Working with a rancher when it comes to ranch real estate will help ensure that you are getting the best and realest information on Texas ranch real estate and Zach Biermann and his family have been ranching in Texas for 106 years on the same hill country property. 

 Please check out our company website at

Registered Black Hereford Cattle

These are not your average Hereford cattle, at Biermann Ranch Cattle Company we produce registered cattle to help better commercial and registered cattleman's herds across the country. As a seed stock producer we cull our herd and calves extremely hard allowing only the best to stay and sell, bringing our customers top of the line Hereford cattle.  Our focus is on Registered Black Hereford cattle. By using ET and AI over the last couple years we have produced the Dams we wanted with high maternal traits, CE and LBW's as well as other top traits needed in great cows. Our sires were all in the top of the breed with most having at least 1 category of their EPD's in the top 1%. With these dams and the genetics from the black Hereford bulls we are able to produce top quality black Hereford cattle.

We used all of the best bloodlines in the Polled Hereford breed on the dams side including Encore, Sensation, 755T, Bloodline, Homeland and Bloodline creating some of the best dams we could. On the sire side we used American Black Hereford Sires Impression, Bar Z Balder, Black Jack, and are new herd clean up bull Top Cat. Check out our dams and sire pages for pictures and more information.

At Biermann Ranch Cattle Company we strive to raise the best quality cattle we can so that you the customer can be assured all of the work has been done before hand and you have yourself the best Registered Hereford you can buy. These cattle have extremely good phenotype without sacrificing maternal traits to achieve it.

Here's a young commercial recipient pair! Great maternal instincts and milk! 7/8 Hereford Commercial Cow

 Registered Red Sires

Check out the Sires of Our Dams!

These are some of the best in the breed scoring in the top 1% in several EPD categories including ribeye, WW, YW, CE, CHB and more.

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Registered Black Sires

Check out our Black Hereford Sires!

These sires come from JM Cattle Company, Johansen Black Herefords, and Crane Farms.  The best of the best!

Learn More

Registered Dams

Our current Dams are the product of our ET and AI program in which we introduced all of the Sires you will see on our Sire page into the herd so that we could have the phenotype while we desired while maintaining maternal traits as well. 

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Let us know if you have any questions at all!


7 Flat Rock Creek Rd

Comfort, TX 78013


(830) 353-1164
(512) 921-3527
[email protected]

[email protected]


Mon-Sun            7:00am - 7:00pm


"What did the Momma Cow say to the baby cow?

Its pasture bedtime."

American Cattleman

Contact Us for Cattle currently available!

The Biermann Ranch has cattle for sale all times of the year so don't hesitate to call anytime to check.